Blak art intro

How to deploy Blak art

We enjoy Blak art but only because of the re-use (creative utilization) of our so called “overdeveloped” physiological and psychological word collage by Gilion Grantsaanprocesses.
Even if we where a worm, we would probably think. We would think, we where a complex creature and back this up with infinite ideas, about why? we do what we do. How we do it, how we got here and whether or not there is other intelligent live around. And maybe worms do too. We are no worms but we are not as genetically complex, as I would have liked to believe. In the animals Kingdom we are pretty average. We are the lonely survival of our kind, beetles got around 350.000 different kinds. On a smaller scale, the group Mammals got between 6 and 94 pairs of chromosomes, we are somewhere near the middle with 23 pairs. Smaller yet. The length of a genome says something about the complexity of an organism. Yeast got 6000 gens, humans 20.000 to 25.000, looks like a lot doesn’t it. The Amoeba dubia got 670 billion of them. Where does that leave us, well just as the peacock (find some more examples), we love to strut our stuff. Or better put, we make do with what we have and more. Carrying it, because of our desire for the absurd, way beyond the necessary to maintain and support a healthy live. Absurd is not a human invention. It is a pretty common process in nature and not at all arty. Absurd can be many things in different situations, unreasonable, inconsistent, ludicrous, foolish etc. I like to describe absurd as the logical illogical in some part of an otherwise seemingly reasonable chain of thoword collage by Gilion Grantsaanught or action. -Racist parents can only raise racist children. -God is love and therefor Allah is not a God. -I which I was a millionaire, because rich people are happy. -Blak art is just as absurd. The evolutionary process produces absurdity or absurd things, like our brain, which as an “overdeveloped” evolutionary product produces absurdities on a daily bases, all on its own. We produce Blak art. Blak art is woman and man made, as vivid and alive as any other product form our imagination. Blak art is understood as any kind of “object” we create a relationship of meaning with. We also produce institutionalized Blak art, a for us meaningful object which thrives best in                                 the conditions of a white “fish bowl”.

Institutionalized spinster

As the peacock through time kept on expanding and expanding its feathered tail, only because their sexual counter parts played out their preferences as a veto card. I too produce illogical sense in an otherwise logical context and call it institutionalized Blak art. I would love to say that I do it because the females go absolutely mad bunkers wild!! I wish. It’s more absurd than that. Not a lot of people know I’m producing this, not a lot of people will ever know. And yet still I continue to produce… Sounds like a sad and lonely spinster behind a dust dirt window with an aging cat on her lap. I promise you, it is not like that, not all the time.word collage by Gilion Grantsaan
The art object in Blak art has no meaning. It is us that laminate, sugar coat and drown it in meaning. For example men have large penises not because we need them to be soooo big but as a evolutionary biologist ones told me, woman thought it meant something. They thought size had some kind of prediction value, and selected their men accordingly. Most woman interpreted the size as a sign, a sign to predict the possible health of her, to be off spring. We (evolutionary man) obeyed her believes and are still afraid of their judgment. (although our penises aren’t growing any larger, I think) This is the creation of meaning, Blak beauty in motion so to say. Exactly the way I observed it in many a white cube. This sense of fear with no enemy at present. We produce our own fear, just as we’re able to chase our own tail, failure, success, idea’s and stories. Even as a rational grown-up, I sometimes get startled by my own shadow. The ability to see, feel, hear, smell, sense things that are not their, kept us alive in harsh conditions. We not only learned to think, we learned to think ahead, to predict and word collage by Gilion Grantsaananticipate. Regardless of the outcome or factual reality of the event or situation at hand. We’re able to react instantly and spontaneously on meaning that wasn’t there before we read it…, into it.
A Blak art object is not much deeper than that spontaneous reaction. Blak art is the relation between you and an object. And also not more special than that. People sell diamonds for millions of euro’s and put an other million on top of it, if it shines just a little more than the other one. Some, so I have heard, jumped out off the window from the 80th floor or put a gun to their head, because the stock-market went bust. Bust meaning a couple of numbers went below some fictive point on an imaginary scale. The same numbers where up again on the same level tree years after the so called bust. I call that a waste of a bullet, a tragic waste, but non the less a waste, and I don’t even start to mention the mess they leave on the pavement. Believe it or not, some will have sex with you because you have just the right car or boobs or the right kind a hair. Blak art is the object and your relationship with the meaning you read, detect, produce or laminate the object with. In Blak art you can make it a less abstract, if you’ve figured out into what kind of value you’ll translate this meaning. Funny, entertaining, handy, beautiful, useful, intelligent, insightful, an investment or a combination of one of these or some other.

May I take you coat?

word collage by Gilion Grantsaan

One should always remember the artist is audience temporarily turned into producer of an object. The artist doesn’t create new meaning, the artists creates objects. These objects are meaningless. The audience creates meaning. Objects where we (also the artist) can hang our coat of meaning on. And it’s right here, the absurdity of our species kicks in. You remember the bigger the penis the better the offspring. Well a similar thing happens in (especially institutionalized) art, the bigger, smaller, the more or average  etc… the more meaning. The more the object is like candy for our eyes, ears, mouth or other senses (more accurate for our beautifully deceptive brain), the more meaning we attribute to it. Absurdity sells tickets, not big time but it does well. Regardless if the artist was (capable of) thinking or not and regardless the attempted meaning attributed by the artist to the object. It is the created object that is the subject of a successful transportation of meaning or not. I was at a twelve hour music piece about the death of cat, from an artist I know. The audience who where not aware of this fact, because the title of the piece was “Summer dawn”, as she was afraid they otherwise would not take her serious, not for twelve hours. Afterward the audience was in tears. I quote “it sounded criminally magnificent, grandiose, insightful”. The audience experience this object soaked through with meaning they just couldn’t put words on. What I know for sure is that they were not thinking about her deceased cat. We see, hear, sense, smell and feel meaning because we need and use meaning in the social traffic as glue and currency between the different members in our community. We’re re-using and remoulding evolutionary processes to fit our own temporary purposes (that’s what makes Blak art a living “organism”). Some more absurd than others and some more meaningful than others.

Digital collage made by Gilion Grantsaan

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